I was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus. My father is a well-known artist Mikola Bushchyk , master of color planted passion for art into me. Observing my father working in the studio I started to learn the basics of drawing skills which led me into art school. After Graduating from Collage of Art in 1996 I have spent many years on mastering skills of creating the illusion of 3 dimensional space of our world we live in. I was discovering the secrets and techniques of building the right perspective and depth of our world on a flat surface of the canvas, learning myriads of shapes, forms and composing them so they would create the beautiful illusion of the world we see. But since I remember myself I was fascinated by the color and what color can do on the flat surface of the canvas.

       Endless experiments with color and its ability to create depth and space when properly used brought me to the conclusion that color vibrations, not lines and shapes on the canvas , is what create the perfect illusion of the world. This idea resonated with me immediately, simply because portraying the world we see by copying its elements as is, would never tell a story of what you actually saw and felt. There are no ways of painting the ocean breeze or feeling evening sun gently relaxing the nature around you. All this sensational experience can not be expressed by redrawing the sunset scene on the ocean. Understanding of this aspect has always pushed me to search for ultimate ways of expression of the momentum where I was inspired by something. I realized that color will be the method I will be creating these sensations with. Finding out the exact colors that were experienced and recreating their vibrations on the canvas would interpret the mood the best. Composing my color library from the nature never stops; I constantly collect the color interplay samples, just by observing and contemplating nature.

       This practice is what led me to the discovery of ABSTRACT SPACE. Abstract space is what we do not see, is what beyond the visible world. The color spectrum is unknown, the shapes are non existent, there is no time and form as we know it, but it still exists! These another dimensions( such as light ,sound dimensions…) are being discovered as we evolve as humanity and my goal as an artist is to search for new dimensions and share my discoveries with people.
We live in a new era, era of fast technologies where we can risk to lift the veil of unknown and start looking for something new, invisible to the eye.

       I am looking for spaces we can not see, non linear dimensions, where pure energy exists at the quantum level and have no time, space or traditional height, width and depth, but still exists as a vast continuum of fluctuating charge.
My task as an artist is to find the way to make those dimensions alive, make them vibrate thus creating illusion of other world, not a 3 dimensional world.


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